Nurturing the Divine…with excellence in education and spiritual development of our youth.

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Mary’s School is to provide quality education in the Catholic tradition, in an atmosphere of love and respect. Our role is to assist parents, the first educators, in their child’s development. We integrate the Gospel values of justice and compassion throughout the curriculum to enable our students to make decisions based on these values, which will benefit themselves, humanity, and earth. We seek to prepare students to live as spiritual and ethical persons in the world community, ready to contribute to society equipped with the tools to meet new challenges, cherish learning, and love life.

A St. Mary’s Student is:

  • is hard-working and persevering, all work completed well and on time
  • shows evidence of effort to master materials taughtIMG_5222
  • is self-disciplined (shows a desire to learn and allows others the freedom to learn)
  • holds the courage to stand on principles
  • maintains a friendly, honest demeanor
  • is faithful and loyal to the values and standards cherished by St. Mary’s


We expect all students to adhere to these standards, as developmentally appropriate. We hope that by maintaining these standards, each student will be able to realize her/his potential.