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All students, grades K – 8, must be in school uniform during school hours. Since the uniform policy is established as a convenience for parents, the responsibility for seeing that the children are in uniform rests with the parents.

How to Purchase Uniforms

You may purchase your uniforms through Lands’ End. Instructions below:

  • Go to www.landsend.com
  • In the Uniforms section, go to “Find your School.”
  • Search for St. Mary’s School in Kodiak, Alaska or use the preferred school number “900163015.” Be sure to select your child’s grade and gender.
  • The appropriate uniforms will be displayed.

You are also welcome to purchase navy pants from Dennis Uniform.


Jewelry & Makeup –

Only one ring, one necklace, one bracelet or watch, and small stud earrings are allowed. Absolutely no makeup, body glitter, or nail polish.

Hair –

Shall be neat, clean, well groomed and not interfere with schoolwork. No hats or bandanas shall be worn inside. Hair accessories should be minimal and not distract from schoolwork.

Theme/Dress-Up Days –

Students who do no participate in theme day attire as defined by the administration shall wear standard school uniform.

Outerwear –

Students are welcome to wear any color coat or winter wear. If students wear boots to school due to inclement weather, they should have a pair of black shoes to change into during the school day.

Preschool –

Preschool students are not required to wear a uniform.

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Uniform Guideline

Uniform Table Breakdown K-2 copy

3rd to 8th Grade Uniform Guideline

Uniform Table Breakdown 3-8 copy

Every first Friday of the Month, when we have early release, students may come to school wearing street clothes. We call this: Free Dress Friday!