Why St. Mary’s?


Endeavoring to educate the whole child, St. Mary’s School emphasizes core content subjects while also broadening students’ understanding of the arts, music, their community, and world cultures.

Students in preschool through 8th grade attend music class twice per week, focusing on both voice and instrumentation. Our visual and tactile arts program, led by a dedicated group of volunteer artists, introduces students to a range of mediums through individual and group endeavors. Beginning in Fall 2015, St. Mary’s will offer daily Spanish classes across all grades.
Our small class sizes allow for multi-grade classrooms providing opportunities for students to learn at their own pace. In keeping with a long-standing St. Mary’s tradition, older grades regularly spend time with the younger grades promoting reading and science skills and encouraging safe and positive conduct during Mass and school gatherings.

Moral and Ethical Development

To learn about the Catholic faith and tenants of Christianity, K – 8th grade students attend Mass once per week. Each month students focus on and apply a principal of justice: Solidarity, Wisdom, Understanding, Call to Family Community and Participation, Counsel, Option for the Vulnerable and the Poor, the Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers, Fortitude, Care for God’s Creation.

Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement

St. Mary’s provides after-school care from 11:30 to 5:00 daily, offering participant led enrichment activities, directed by an experienced provider. St. Mary’s also offers a daily hot lunch program, which includes ingredients harvested at the school. A summer enrichment program offers students extended experiential learning opportunities in June and August. Please see below for a list of some of the other wonderful enrichment activities our students are busy doing:


Service Learning
Science Fair
Christmas Program
Spring Arts Festival
International Peace Service
National Geographic Bee
National Spelling Bee
Homework Club
Catholic Schools Week



Cross-Country Running
Dance Team

running st smarys